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Down Syndrome

Umberto Ambrosetti - Valter Gualandri (curated by)

ISBN 9788872416136
Anno di pubblicazione 2016

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Clinical Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

Down syndrome is a disease known for a long time in its morphological, neuropsychiatric and organic aspects.
This collection of essays, based on careful analysis of the literature filtered by the direct experience of each author, wants to be a guide for the General Practitioner and Specialist.
We have tried to provide a flexible, yet comprehensive and scientifically updated book, addressing the various diseases that are not specific to Down subjects, but that must be treated within a particular frame as affecting patients with specific organic features and clinical context.
This text is not intended to stimulate an excessive medicalization of Down subjects, who should not be considered “patients” to start with, but individuals prone to clinically polymorphic risks that should be detected as early as possible and anticipated through preventive medicine.
The work, which involved a large number of experts in various clinical specializations that are devoted on a daily basis to improve the living conditions of Down persons, aims at helping the comprehension and management of the manifestations of this complex clinical syndrome caused by a relatively small excess of DNA on chromosome 21.

Cover design: Luigi Flaminio Ghilardini
Book of 442 pages, fully illustrated

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